Resources in English

Welcome to numerous FREE resources regarding sex and gender, marriage and children, LGBT+ and the Pride agenda!

Here you find resources that we have translated from Norwegian into English. More translations will follow in the months to come, until summer 2024.

The material has been developed during the last decade by the Norwegian, Christian foundation MorFarBarn, which means MotherFatherChild.

VISION. Our vision is to support and strengthen God's people in their calling to defend the biblical truths that marriage is for one man and one woman, that children have a divine and inborn right to both their mother and father, that there only exist two biological sexes, etc.

Biology, Babies and the Bible are three important words in our ministry.

FREE & FLEXIBLE. We offer the resources on this website free of charge and without any limitations or restrictions. You may use the resources in any way you wish, digitally or on paper.

You may freely pick and paste, translate, delete and rephrase points and expressions, integrate any text/paragraph/point in your own articles, teachings, PowerPoint slides, etc. In other words: Personalize the material and use it as if it were your own!


A) One-page resource papers

Before the end of February 2024 we will publish English translations of the following new resource papers:

  • The importance of the child perspective in the same-sex and gender debate
  • No doubt about what Jesus taught about marriage
  • The dramatic consequences of same-sex marriage
  • Marriage = Woman + Man -- 5 important arguments
  • How do we relate? What should we do?


B) 50 ready-to-use PowerPoint slides

You are free to do all the changes you want in the slides that you choose to use -- including deleting sentences, adding sentences, changing the lay-out and illustrations, combining them with your own slides, using just some few of them, etc. Use the PowerPoint slides as if they were your own!


C) Detailed background material to selected PowerPoints slides

  1. "The marriage and gender debate in church and society
  2. "The radical gender ideology - Challenges and conflicts" (Will be published at the end of December 2023)
  3. "Jesus as our model, the Bible as our authority" (Will be published at the end of January 2024, at the latest)
  4. "New cultural climate. New challenges. What do we do?" (Will be published at the end of February 2024, at the latest)


D) The Marriage Declaration - A Norwegian example

A document about marriage, children and the Bible, challenging the gender-neutral ideology of our time

By clicking on the link you can read the English translation of a Marriage Declaration. In Norwegian it is published as a four-colour leaflet. For the time being the English text can only be read (and used with others) as a normal document in black and white in a PDF-format.

The Declaration is published and supported by 36 different denominations and Christian organizations in Norway. It is in many ways a unique document in the Norwegian  Christian context.

The Declaration has no copyright, so if someone would like to put it on their website, reproduce and publish it as leaflet or make a translation to another language, you are free to do so without permission. If you translate it, we would like to receive the translation so that we may put it here on this website.