Resources in English

1. 10 Reasons for Pride Skepticism

2. 35 PowerPoint slides ready for use

You may do all the changes in the slides that you want -- including deleting, adding, changing the lay-out and illustrations, combining them with your own slides, using just some few of them, etc. Use the PowerPoint slides as if they were your own!

3. The Marriage Declaration - A Norwegian example

By clicking on the link you can read the English translation of the Marriage Declaration. In Norwegian it is published as a four-colour leaflet, but for the time being the English text can only be read as a normal Word-document in PDF-format. 

The Declaration is published and supported by 36 different denominations and Christian organizations. It is in many ways a unique document in the Norwegian context.

The Declaration has no copyright, so if someone would like to put it on their website, reproduce and publish it as leaflet or make a translation to another language, you are free to do it without permission. If you translate it, we would like to know about it and put the translation here on this website.